Friday, 11 June 2010


The starting point for the coach is to believe in the player, in his potential.
Then he identifies his strengths and weaknesses.
He decides what to do to maximize his strengths and eliminate his weaknesses.
He is demanding, because he knows that every player is a reflection of the coach.
He disciplines with a firm hand but not to the point of hurt, because he knows the limits of the person.
He shows how it's done and provides the necessary tools for the job to be done.
He teaches.
He is a friend but not a buddy.
He helps the person achieve more than he could ever do alone.

Every father (and mother) is a coach.
Every teacher is a coach.
Every boss is a coach.
Every leader is a coach.
YOU are a coach — if not to another person, at least to yourself.

What kind of coach have you been?

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